Navy Safety Slogans
 Safety Guy Holding His Hand Up

If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
Gimme Some
Make More Fires
Watch For It!!

Navy Safety Slogans

1- Strong men need courageous hearts to win the battle
2- Mental preparation can not be overstated
3- Doing something right means keeping everyone safe
4- Put on the armor of your helmet, your boots, your shirt, and your pants
5- Is war about anything other than safety
6- An unsafe war requires safety protocol
7- Courage is about following orders quickly and efficiently
8- The will to fight brings with it the morality of safety
9- We must strictly follow safety orders or we may compromise our position
10- The happy soldier follows orders routinely
11- The right to think is your commanding officers right
12- When face with a dilemma: safety first.
13- A safe deck is a clean deck
14- The safest route requires the most meticulous planning
15- Safety is a factor in winning the war on terror
16- Nuclear subs are safe because of proven safety regulations; not your own new ideas
17- Girls at home love a navy guy that plays it safe
18- Obeying orders is best done in a safe, respectful, and routine manner
19- If you lose your safety orders, blame it on the commanding officer
20- The best war to win is a safe war


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