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Mesothelioma Safety Slogans

1- Get happy if  you're coughing and cash in on a huge settlement.
2- It's a disease of the lung, but don't be glum, the cash will soon come.
3- Many a lawyer was preserved for the opportunity to collect some of your hard earned cash.
4- The safety of asbestos is that it is not filling, doesn't taste great, and is put in almost everything.
5- I worked for Geneva Steel and they told me that asbestos was good for me.  In fact, I saw the health benefits until I started coughing.
6- Remember that you can always repeat an experiment to get the outcome you were wishing for.  Don't let asbestos get  you down.
7- The only thing you want sticking to your lungs is hot air.
8- Diminished capacity means you're environment was unsafe and your lungs aren't at full capacity.
9- Asbestos was originally spelled Ass-Bestos and had something to do with the best ass. 
10- Mesthelioma is the disease.  Asbestos is not the cure.
11- If you smoke four packs of cigarettes a day, and get lung cancer, sue the asbestos people.
12- Asbestos companies made the mistake of thinking that everyone making a mistake made it not a mistake.
13- The safety of workers was often trumped by corporate profits.
14- That popcorn ceiling is not for eating.
15- Asbestosis is the heart of mesothelioma safety.
16- To know the un-safety of the asbestos, check the color.
17- Overhead and underfoot, asbestos is there, silent and deadly.
18- If start to get sick, you'll hear a lot about pleural this and pleural that.
19- In this case, it's a good thing to sue because they knew.
20- My boss is a jerk and my lungs stopped from work.
21- If you can't really breathe, better drop to your knees.
22- Once you're diagnosed, your time is short and you're probably toast.
23- The products are unsafe and yet are still in full production to your home or school everywhere.
24- It's not what it is in, but what it isn't in that you have to look for.
25- Asbestos mining is typically farmed out to the third world to get around our safety regulations. 

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