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Food Science Safety Slogans

1- The food tastes great because it was formulated from meatballs.
2- The science of food is adding ingredients you never would want to eat in a million years and actually love the outcome.
4- It's safer to add a lot of preservatives to make the Frankenfoods last longer.
5- Where do you purchase all those hard to pronounce ingredients? 
6- The science of Twinkie preservation is legendary since it is the only food that survived the bombing of Hiroshima.
7- A cook and a food scientist can work together until the cook questions the safety of the food scientist.
8- Food science is unsafely injected into pre-plant growth.
9- The good food scientist learns how to tell the truth about foods without actually producing the product people think they are buying.
10- If it tastes too good to be true it probably is.
11- The safest foods are devoid of all the food scientists.
12- Mcdonalds hires food science researchers to create the perfectly balanced meal of sugar, meat, and carbs.
13- Vegetables always taste better deep fried in butter or puffed full of air and filled with butter.
14- Never eat the first thing a food scientist creates.  That kind of job is for fearless people with a death wish.
15- Food scientists have a goal of creating a population of 50% obese people.
16- I can make you eat more!
17- Mess with a food scientists and you just might lose some sugar, salt, and fat in your diet.
18- Who needs a food scientist when you can add 1200 grams of sodium and 1500 grams of sugar to everything.
19- Instead of weird science; try food science.
20- The safest foods have no ingredient list. 
21- The worst foods have long lists of unpronounceable ingredients.

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