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If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
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Network Marketing Safety Slogans

1- It's not the product your selling. It's the system.
2- It's not the safety you need, it's the safety you want.
3- Never market to married people of the opposite sex.
3- If someone doesn't get rich, tell them they aren't working hard enough.
4- If you manage to get wealthy without working, spread the word.
5- If six plus six equals one million, how safe are those numbers?
6- Affairs should be avoided while proselyting.
7- When we hold hands and sing, we all feel quite safe.
8- If the network marketing guy can't sell it, the safety guy never will.
9- The safest strategy is to draw lots of circles and hold lots of barbeques.
10- It's not whom you know, it's what you know about whom you know.
11- If the truth comes out, run like *&**.
12- Good safety is more about being overly optimistic than about crunching real numbers.
13- If you didn't invent the numbers, who did. Are the numbers safe?
14- Keep people happy with smiley face circles.
15- The best aura includes a nice car and fine clothing.
16- The safest place to prospect is amongst the poor and undeducated.
17- Many network marketing companies lack a good safety guy – don't be the first!
18- How can corporate America safely stack up against some circles, a barbeque, and lots of fake numbers.?
19- If you don't want to get hurt, get out now.
20- Be overly cautious when people realize their deep discount wholesale price is actually higher than any mass retailer in the country.

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