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Stay-At-Home-Dad Safety Slogans

1- Sooner or later someone will think you just can't get a real job.
2- It's safest to avoid the stay-at-home-dad.
3- Loser dads stay at home and winner moms stay at home.
4- If you're a porn addict, don't tell the moms.
5- Dads may not be quite as safe, but are twice as much fun.
6- It always hurts the most when the neighborhood children are asked to stay away from you.
7- A safe strategy is to act like you don't like kids and try not to befriend a mom.
8- Other dads will feel like you are honing in on the moms in the area.
9- Some people will consider you a freak of nature as moms are the only people that can love and care for a child.
10- If you get a special shot, you can actually breast feed the baby.
11- Being good looking is a great way to attract the stay-at-home moms.
12- The safest thing the dad can do is to bond with the child and that will have lasting good will for the child.
13- If a SAHM doesn't keep her house up she is too busy and overwhelmed with child care. If the SAHD doesn't keep up the house and all that then that just proves that they are really a loser.
14- It's perfectly normal to feel like you're crazy and unsafe.
15- Freedom from is nicer than freedom to. In other words, your sanity will be safe, if you get out of the house alone once in a while.
16- A freaking nice thing to do is to let your kids play at other mom's homes.
17- A stay-at-home dad is a thing of the future and a pioneer in their own right.
18- Your sanity seems related to watching too many kid movies.
19- You can do whatever safe thing you want as long as you don't mind it not getting done.
20- It's harder to do things with several people than with one person.
21- Love is the reason for the safe home.
22- Sleeping with a child around never lasts for more than a few seconds.
23- The child you love and that loves you makes all the insults worth it.
24- Insecurity abounds when mothers come around.
25- A sex change is a good way to fit in with the neighborhood moms.

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