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Safety Statistics

Key annual figures 2007/08

You can see from these statistics that safety is costing us a lot of money.


Hardly anybody likes OSHA.  However, you need to realize that many workers have died needlessly over lackadaisical employers.  The rough part is that many companies simply outsource or go out of business to avoid OSHA.  Why stay in business with tiny profit margins when you have to go through so much red tape.
That’s why, if you can afford it, companies hire safety professionals to deal with all of these kinds of regulations.

How to Set Policies and Procedures

Each industry has a standard set of protocols.  If you are unsure about these, you can contact OSHA or your city government.  There are various government agencies that only deal with certain types of businesses.  For example the FDA works with pharmaceutical manufacturers.  
It is best to go with established protocol that is proven to work.  Sit down and review the protocol and see how it will fit within your organization.  After you understand this process, you can go about tweaking the organizational group think.

Safety Slogans 

Safety slogans help you tweak group think.  Many groups have specific needs that need to be addressed.  For example, if you notice a group continually doing something unsafe it may be time for a meeting and some simple slogans to help people understand expectations. The great part about safety slogans is that they are fun.  They can even be funny and get the message across in a much quicker way.  These simple slogans can save your company a lot of money.

Have you ever noticed how people forget something two minutes after you talk with them?  Some companies put together some boring videos and call it good.  We complied, they might be thinking.  On the other hand, it is more effective to call a meeting and use some slogans that are quick and catchy.  If you use slogans and videos you will get greater compliance.

If you are a safety professional, you know your career depends on people not getting into accidents.  You should supervise crews and look at how the plant works continually.  You have got to get your message out and we here at are happy to help make that happen!!

Have fun with our safety slogans and use them for your organization at no cost.  They are, however, not to be redistributed or sold at a profit and are protected by copyright laws.   



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