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Harry Potter Safety Slogans

1- Isn't it unsafe to use an avada kavadra (killing curse) against yourself.
2- Voldemort lost his nose, now don't you lose yours.
3- The safest way to get rid of Draco is to have Hagrid give him a pet.
4- Save mysterious ticking noises for Slytherin house.
5- Beware of long bottoms.
6- Snape made me do it.
7- Dementors love a good patronus.
8- I'll show you my patronus, if you show me yours.
9- Ridiculous actually works in real life against your teacher.  Me, I just prefer to call my teacher a bogart.
10- The safest thing to do can sometimes be to blow up Uncle Vernon's mom Marge.
11- An owl a day, keeps the loneliness away.
12- One of the safest things for Harry was to have his mother die for him out of love. 
13- A lightning bolt on the face is a pretty great warning system.
14- Better a lightning bolt on the forehead than a dark mark upon the arm.
15- To avoid a death eater, don't go to the cemetary.
16- Ron Weasley disease coming your way.
17- Bring special treats for the sorting hat on the first day of school.
18- Don't kiss hermione until Ron gives you permission.
19- The safety of an elf comes from giving them clothes.
20- Never pull on Dumbledore's beard because he has potions living in there.
21- If someone is dead, that doesn't mean you are safe from them.
22- Always use an alias like Tom Riddle. 
23- The nearly dead can safely survive in parasitic mode.
24- In this fairy tale, the elderly should be feared.
25- Multiple Blackmailing works about as well at insuring safety as any horcrux. 

Enjoy these awesome Harry Potter videos.  Yes they are awesome.  Some of them have over 121 million views. 

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