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Annuity Insurance Salesman

1- It's a sin to sell and a pleasure to buy.
2- Everyone needs an annuity and that's all they need.
3- It's always good to know that you don't have to pay taxes on 0 earnings.
4- I will confuse you a thousand different ways to come up with 0 taxes and lots of "potential" earnings.
5- The only way to beat the annuity is to live way longer than you were supposed to.
6- Nobody recommends it and everyone sells it. 
7- If you need life insurance, the safest thing to buy is term life insurance.
8- We calculated that we have a two percent chance of needing to payout on this policy and a 98% chance we will get to keep all the money.
9- The only thing richer than an annuity company is a drug company.
10- Annuities are unsafe since less than 2% of policies ever pay out.
11- It's so interesting the millions of unsafe things annuities are called.
12- It's not an annuity, it's cash value life insurance.
13- Do you want life insurance with or without taxes and with a cash value or without a cash value?  I want the safe way to go.  I'll take the 0 taxes and cash value without any returns or monies saved.  
14- You can promise anything you want as long as you take back more than you promised.
15- Our actuaries analyzed your lifestyle and medical records.  We conclude that you will live to be 73 and so we wrote the policy to expire when you are 72.  Now, your wife will live to be 89 and so she will need her own policy.  Do you want to see her analysis we drew up?
16- Why do people think they can outsmart hundreds of full time mathematicians that have the goal of screwing you over?
17- It's funny how you sign one piece of paper and are somehow agreeing to millions of things nobody knows about.
18- I would rather get 1k a month with an annuity than 2.5 million with an IRA.
19- We sell IRAs and 401ks, but an annuity is what you really need?
20- Your investment choice is irrelevant since we are going to take everything you give us anyway.
21- Blah blah life.  We take your life and use it to our best benefit while giving your family as little as possible.
22- Be cautious when you go downtown because many of the tallest buildings are owned by whole life companies.
23- The only thing that could be worse is the dead peasant policy your employer took out on you.
24- "Show me the money!" is what the annuity boss says to the sales groups. 
25- If you are so concerned about my family, why don't  you just send me a check. 

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