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Ski Safety Slogans

1- Safe clothing comes in many layers with many wicking properties.
2- Don't follow snowboarders because they are always falling down.
3- If the bindings are too tight, your broken leg speaks of fright.
4- Telling newbies to snowplow isn't such a good idea because the snowplow is on the road.
5- Falling down is a great way to reduce fatal speeds.
6- You don't need a helmet, but then again it depends on what you hit your head on.
7- Hitting all the jumps is a lot of fun, but poor for your safety.
8- The worst thing to tell a beginner is to just keep your skis straight and fall down when you have to.
9- Breaking a leg is a good luck phrase and also a real possibility.
10- If you ski in deep powder, bring a flare gun to let people know where you might be in case of an accident.
11- Don't worry about avalanches because you can always ski out of them by jumping into tall pine trees like James Bond. Or, you can ski off a cliff and deploy your parachute while the snow chases you.
12- The expert runs are the most fun because the danger is high.
13- Ski for you skill level and not your age.
14- Learning to stop quickly is one of the most important safety things to learn.
15- Icy snow is much more dangerous than fresh powder.
16- Catch a groove on the run and fall on your bum.
17- If you need some safe rich friends, than you have picked the right sport.
18- Falling out of the lift chair can be no big deal or a deadly death blow.
19- An icy lift chair can give a good scare.
20- Be careful getting off the lift for it has cause many a people to set prematurely adrift.
21- If you fall on your face, there is no disgrace.
22- Mittens are safer than gloves and Goretex is safer than neoprene.
23- Safety areas to watch are ear lobes, fingers, toes, and the tip of the nose.
24- One of the best reasons for a puffy down coat is to cushion your many falls.
25- Make sure your clothing helps you slide down the mountain. This reduces friction on dangerous falls.

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