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Policeman Safety Slogans

1- A donut a day makes diabetes come one day.
2- If it wasn’t for these tight fitting pants, I could chase down a robber.
3- Creep closely to cars, shine bright flashlights into people’s eyes, and you will be less likely to get shot.
4- Keep on the Kevlar. Keep up the gun.
5- Shoot first, ask questions later.
6- I don’t eat donuts, I eat bagels (a bagel is actually a donut)
7- Is there anything safer than eating donuts?
 8- Incarceration and incapacitation are shoulders of the same donut eater.
9- Is there anything donuts can’t do?
10- If someone walks around without asking, shoot them with a Taser.
11- When pulled over, don’t ever get out of the car.
12- When pulled over, turn your neck until it feels like it will break off.  That way the officer will feel safe.
13- When you get pulled over, call the police station to verify the officer is real and not impersonated.
14- When the officer asks, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”  Respond by saying, “I felt a need to speed up because you were eating donuts and swerving while driving.”
15- Dare to keep cops off donuts.
16- The safe cop calls for backup.
17- If you need something, don’t ask a cop.  They will tell you that they are not there to help criminals.
18- Don’t ever do any real work like helping people.  That way you won’t have a heart attack, get tired, or dirty your uniform.
19- Handgun practice is the best way to prepare to kill someone that is shooting at you.
20- Don’t trust anyone.        

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