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Bakery Safety Slogans

1- A bun in the oven is the mother of all invention.
2- Hands and feet may incur hot tasty treats.
3- When the greasy floor slips, the tasty chef falls.
4- When you forget to use a hot pad scream, "Burn baby burn!"
5- The safest food is prepared indoors.
6- Ingredient safety and freshness precludes all baking.
7- When the dough comes out, the safety gloves come off.
8- The best stress reliever is pounding dough balls.
9- If the dough rises too high, it doesn't mean you can light up.
10- When doing the dishes, two seconds per pan is not enough.
11- Waste product is not to be mixed with fresh ingredients.
12- The safest bakery has happy chefs.
13- Safety is all about the dough.
14- When you get a good laugh, put in some extra chocolate.
15- Dishwashers find wet floors great slip and slides.
16- If your feet are hot, take the shoes off.
17- The walk in refrigerator is not for making out.
18- If the dough boy comes, don't poke his belly.
19- The greasy dough sells the best and provides the least customer safety.
20- Great tasting, dough rolling, dough squeezing, safety for you.

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