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Electrical Contractor Safety Slogans

1- Oh s#$%, I forgot to turn off the power.
2- Never put the white or red wire as ground.
3- The bigger the rubber boots, the safer the contractor.
4- Rubber is in and steel is out.
5- Never use a human being as ground.
6- Don't stick your screwdriver in the outlet holes.
7- Volts are the little things that can kill from being over amped.
8- Use the power of gravity and dropping objects to control people that keep bumping your overly tall ladder.
9- In extremely tall places, don't tie off on the ladder.
10- Your chances or falling are decreased with the attraction of high voltage electricity.
11- Check power line poles for termite infestation before climbing.
12- If you work for a power company, don't eat all the donuts while your boss is working.
13- Over-billing is part of creating a happy work force.
14- Never use lightning as your main source of energy.
15- Make sure you have the right kind of lube before you pull the wire.
16- Always try and get low voltage jobs with high pay.
17- When you hang up fixtures, don't throw away all the screws and bolts, but the one in the middle.
18- To avoid painful ladder feet, create a ladder pedestal or wear steel bottomed shoes.
19- Rubber underwear is not all that bad.
20- Rubber, rubber, rubber and lots of blubber.

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