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Stay At Home Mom Safety Slogans

1- The safest days are when I get dressed and put on my makeup.
2- Play dates are fun as you get to avoid the children and talk to real adults.
3- The joy of staying home is often met with unsafe depression.
4- One thing is for sure, the children are safer with the mother in the home.
5- To stop repeating things so many times, carry a big stick and use it.
6- Don't forget this and don't forget make my mind turn into unsafe Jello.
7- Anger is part of the process or raising healthy adults.
8- The home is where most accidents occur and that makes a SAHM an important safety manager.
9- Top concerns for safety are poison, pills, medicine, drowning, and falls.
10- It never makes sense why kids put silverware into light sockets, but you need to be aware it can happen.
11- Skateboards at the top of the stairs were funny for a while until I was the one falling down the stairs.
12- Safety for the soul is getting out of the house once in a while without kids.
13- Doing homework every day keeps the children safe in adulthood.
14- Buy a taser and reserve it for when you hear this, "Man, I work all day long and come  home and you haven't done anything."  Actually, I can tase you.  Now I did something!
15- Food safety is correlated with how the stay at home mother is treated by her family.
16- Breast-milk is safer than cow milk or formula.  
17- The harder you work, the less other people do.
18- Some days are weird hair days and frumpy, but it keeps my sanity safe.
19- Get the thing that changes your voice and call your husband on the phone for a real laugh.
20- Paranoia exists for a reason.
21- What people most admire in a stay at home mom are a clean home, thin body, and well dressed children.
22- All the safety I learned came from Good Housekeeping and Redbook. 
23- It's very safe to blog when you are bored, just don't chat with all the guys.
24- In the last days perilous times will come and the stay at home mom is the family buffer.
25- Work hard at getting others to do what they should and your safety just went up by a mile.

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