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Drug Dealer Safety Slogans

1- Maybe I should have went to pharmacy school.
2- It's all good until someone gets their knee cap shot off.
3- It's unsafe to move in on the pharmaceutical companies territory.
4- Plants make me feel safe and happy.
5- The safest drug dealer is the pharmacist.
6- It's unsafe to use what you sell.
7- It's safer to deal and get paid than starve on the streets.
8- If it's marijuana you're selling, it's best to move to California where it's legal.
9- Where's Rush Limbaugh when you need to sell some pain medication?
10- Pharmacists should keep the fake oxycontin near the cash register at all times.
11- If you're hard up on cash, rob the drug dealers.
12- The bankers on wall street use 99% of all the drugs in America.
13- If you deal in meth, you'll soon meet death.
14- Meth is called crack because only people with cracks in their heads are smart enough to use it.
15- The safest way to jail or death is through illegal drugs.
16- Prescription drug abuse is of no use.
17- Steve Jobs said great design comes from using some acid once in a while.
18- It's exactly twelve steps from my door to the grave.
19- Everything seems safer when you're using.
20- When paranoia is strong, go for the bong.
21- The drugs made me do it is not a really good safety excuse.
22- President Obama declared drug dealer amnesty for all illegal immigrants.
23- If you carry a gun, be prepared to defend yourself.
24- The reason you don't pour prescription meds into the toilet is to keep the people in the sewer from getting it without a paid subscription.
25- It's great to hook people on drugs as long as you make sure the government approves. 

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