Safety Guy Holding His Hand Up

If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
Gimme Some
Make More Fires
Watch For It!!

Pogues Safety Slogans

1- The strong drink cures many ills.
2- I love that dirty old town, but perhaps we should clean it up to make it safe.
3- Scattered arms and legs laying all around brings me unsafe rovin' love.
4- We watched our safety managers grow up together.  And we saw them as they fell.  Some of them fell into heaven.  Some of them fell into hell. 
5- If your safety program uses Waltzing Matilda, you're on the right track.
6- Don't spew up in the church.
7- A safe thing to do is to keep track of Betty.
8- A tin hat and a gun can never help as much as the band playing Waltzing Matilda.
9- A good safety manager can show employees the things that are worse than dying.
10- Being too cheap with employees can make them drink a little more.
11- Play The Turkish Song of the Damned for employees that don't implement safety policies.
12- Is it better to fall from grace with God or to fall from grace of the safety manager?
13- For safety awards, play Danny Boy or change your safety manager's name to Danny Boy.
14- In the drunk tank, the old man said, don't break another one.
15- There's always a better time for great safety, but we must do it today.
16- Shane, "Here's a few bucks for those teeth."
17- I could never develop a good safety program without a lot of drinking until I pass out.
18- Just because Shayne can do an interview drunk, doesn't mean you can do your job that way.
19- Shayne says, "I'm not an alcoholic.  I used to drink a lot more than I do now."
20- Don't act like the daddy that didn't like Shane.
21- Broach and Majestic the safety program must be.
22- Once you get fired from your job, you just lost a great deal of your pain and sorrow.
23- I have a shameful love for the terrible beauty of this man, but I have a cheerful love for this drunken poet, Shane.
24- When the safety guy pisses about tell him bollocks.
25- Great safety doesn't have to be a fairy tale.
26- We love you Shane.

Fairy Tale of New York - Original


Fairy Tale of New York - Coldplay Audience Singing


Horrible Fairy Tale of New York Parody


Broad Majestic Shannon You Haven't Heard - Touching Interpretation


Dirty Old Town - One of the Best - What Can I Say


Waltzing Matilda - Classic


Rainy Night in Soho - Did you go to heaven or hell?


Pair of Brown Eyes - There is beauty in war


Singing in a Pub - You can see the real Shane


Danny Boy - Great Classic by a Great Musician

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