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Cat's Meow Safety Slogans

1- It's unsafe and yet quite entertaining to put tape on the cat's paws.
2- The cat that always jumps in the garbage can is likely to get put out for good.
3- Since cats are good at following orders, their safety is kept intact.
4- A funny cat is worth more than a thousand dogs.
5- Cats that are too trusting of people do not live as long.
6- Sunning in the road is not a great idea for a cat.
7- A hairball can be a very dangerous thing.
8- There really are cat ladies that take almost any cat in and keep it safe.
9- If you need a pet, you should really visit the cat lady and pay her a few bucks for saving the cat.
10- Cats are creatures of nobility and yet kings and queens do not have the safest positions.
11- Wild cats are best treated with lots of food and tiny incremental steps of affection.
12- De-clawing a cat is unsafe for the cat and safe for the furniture.
13- It's a good idea to spade or neuter your cat because babies without homes is a very dangerous thing.
14- Bob Barker is your new friend and would like some time alone with your cat.
15- Cats that sleep on cars may sometimes end up downtown at the bars.
16- The cat that purrs can calm the nerves.
17- Invite Siegfried and Roy to set up a safety program for your cats.
18- If you have ever watched a cat eat a mouse, you know just how delicate and efficient their incisors and claws are.
19- Keep a cat safe by keeping it in the house.
20- By law, cats must be on a leash when outside the home. This is to protect all the dog owners from your ferocious cat.
21- Laws pretend to protect your pet while true safety lies in the owner caring and watching.
22- Don't worry about your cat's safety because it has nine lives.
23- One time, my girlfriend told me nine lies because she thought that's what the cat would want.
24- Some cats actually like dogs and a mutual safety can occur.
25- You can create the safety program, but, as with humans, try implementing it with a cat.

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