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Texting Addiction Safety Slogans

1- I left my wife for the safety of my phone.
2- The phone makes the safety man.
3- Management can now text you with up to date accidents.
4- Safety manual dissemination can now be done through texting.
5- Texting your friends the safety rules will help keep you on track in your weak moments.
6- Instead of a safety meeting, call a texting meeting.
7- Anything done over the phone is better than when done in person.
8- We are safer from each other with the phone barrier between us.
9- Three minutes without texting is the average for a teen.
10- I always told myself I could stop texting until I found out I never wanted to.
11- If you text and drive, you're likely to crash into someone's behind.
12- People that break texting laws are often victims of texting addiction.
13- Never mind the small talk. We can get straight to the meaty texting conversations.
14- What's good for the fingers is also good for the mind.
15- Carpal tunnel syndrome is now called texting wrist pain.
16- Program your phone to deliver safety texts to all the employees and managers daily.
17- You can now tell the boss news that, if give in person, would be quite dangerous.
18- It is easier and safer to fire employees over text. Just make sure you do it before you turn their phone off.
19- No knowing how to speak in real life is a problem of the new texting generation.
20- Keep your safety cloud covered for total download domination.
21- Put your employees on twitterface until you get fedup with joint ventures.
22- Phone safety is not that relevant since mobile phones aren't meant to last more than a year or two anyway.
23- Every good mobile phone should have a good ergonomic set up to prevent ergonomic safety issues.
24- Texting can breed a whole new safety language that is much more compact, easy to use, and harder to understand.
25- Text it, eat it, shove it, love it. Now that's real safety!!

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