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Rock Concert Safety Slogans

1- Music today = Silence tomorrow.
2- When the mosh pits get going the bruises start showing.
3- You probably won't get trampled at this concert.
4- Drug safety is just a slogan.
5- Getting carried away on top of people has its strange rewards.
6- When the lighters come out together it feels surreal like safety is gathered.
7- Christian rock is all about sending the devil to hell.
8- The rodents in the trash cans add to the psychological appeal.
9- Hearing protection is often necessary and uncool.
10- Concert safety improves when the fans know the songs.
11- You can tell a lot about yourself by the look of the other rock fans.
12- Some rockers promote safety by jumping off stage and beating up perverts.
13- One unsafe practice is to go backstage and party with the band.
14- Muggles don't understand the magic that goes on at some extraordinary rock concerts.
15- The principle of safety in large numbers decreases exponentially at a rock concert.
16- Groupie girls are easy targets and should be protected with care.
17- Every famous rock song spelled backward isn't a devil's chant.
18- Rock songs that bring peace to the soul are the safest.
19- Peace is a sign that rockers use to advertise pot smoking safety.
20- What makes rock stars great is the quality of the slow ballad and the safety of it as well.
21- Many rockers need security guards and body guards for personal safety.
22- Maybe most people love you, but there is the occasional religious fanatic that is doing you a favor by trying to kill you.
23- Practicing the guitar for many hours, at a young age, help secure the safety of the guitar players job.
24- Many a rock star have been hired to play out a safety manual in a way that employees will remember it.
25- Today's rock is deemed unsafe, but it will soon be the good old safe oldies of tomorrow.

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