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Recreational Safety Management

1- Keep 'em safe so they can all pay.
2- What happens in recreation stays in recreation.  
3- Rekindling love is just as important as making new loves.
4- A chance to die makes anything boring now exciting.
5- The safest way to recreate is with a staycation.
6- Keep your teeth white and straight and your gender neutral.
7- Market the unsafe vacations as being very safe because it helps people with a lot of fear to actually have some fun.
8- If you're selling a timeshare, give out something for free like some safety goggles or work gloves.
9- This timeshare is only $99.95 and the maintenance fees are only $5,000.00 per year.
10- Once I sold my used car to fifty two different people and called it a carshare.  I didn't make that much off the car, but I do pretty well on the 52 maintenance fees of $650.00 per  year. 
11- The exciting part of having a timeshare is you can always trade it to someone that doesn't want it or sell it for ten percent of what you bought it for.
12- I will share my time with you if you share your (*&^ with me. 
13- I like timeshares because I don't like the freedom of staying at any place I want for a tiny bit more than timeshare maintenance fees.
14- It's safer to spend a week on your own than one with the family. 
15- Some people like the smoking pot vacation by going to either California or the Netherlands.
16- Vacations are fun, don't be a bum.
17- Many seniors regret either taking not enough vacations or taking them all with the family.
18- The good recreational manager is wise about the level of insanity required to have fun without killing oneself.
19- The love of vacations is called vacapo agave.  The safety of a vacation is called safety love.  The fun on a vacation is called safetyless. 
20- Sink or swim now refers to your joke telling on the tour bus.
21- When the girls fall in love with your managerial flirtations ask for tips and skedaddle. 
22- Congratulations, this cruise ship is out of food and you will all come to port ten to twenty pounds thinner.
23- Vacations are always about the food, sitting in the car, and riding on something.  That's pretty safe.
24- The weakness of recreational management is it doesn't tell you how to manage your own family on vacation.
25- I like to recreate in my recreation room for ultimate safety.

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