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Driving Safety Slogans

  1. Don’t drive to the bar and you won’t have to drive home drunk
  2. Drinking while driving is like waving a gun and shooting randomly
  3. Check your mirrors, not your toes, that’s the way the story goes
  4. Cats and Dogs Dart Quickly; sometimes you will too
  5. Anticipation is the root of safe driving
  6. Fear of accidents create accidents
  7. What are you going to do?
  8. Check your blind spot before making a left hand turn
  9. Pay attention to signs, paint, and people.
  10. 10-The best safety record is obtained through humility.
  11. 11- The further you are from danger the less chance you will get in an accident.
  12. 12- You’re only invincible until you aren’t
  13. 13- Check your brakes, engine, tail lights, tires, turn signals, and brake lights before moving
  14. 14- Working hard at safety is part of the job.
  15. 15- Some people have no tickets or accidents
  16. 16- Practice handling the vehicle when no one is around.  Then, when someone is around, you can perform.
  17. 17- The steering wheel is my friend, the stick shift is my neighbor, and the mirrors are my in-laws.
  18. 18- It’s not always a good idea to talk on the CB.
  19. 19- Let people in so next time maybe you can get in.
  20. 20- Leave handguns at home; especially during rush hour.

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