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Economist Safety Slogans

1- Don't ever stick butter in your gun.
2- What starts out as abysmal is actually dismal.
3- Never tell a classical economist about exploitation or feminist economics.
4- Economics is really the science of safety scarcity.
5- When there is a great scarcity of butter, get out your guns.
6- The dismal science of scarcity actually pays better than expected.
7- It is wise to avoid a profession that claims one arm is best.
8- It is most unsafe to make decisions in the face of uncertainty.
9- The best way for government to eliminate inflation is to eliminate inflationary consumer price index products like gasoline.
10- The funniest thing about economics is that it is actually not that bad.
11- It is unsafe to listen to Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke for more than 30 minutes.
12- The large ominous glasses have two key points: 1- They keep your eyes safe 2- They make you appear smarter than you really are.
13- Printing your own money is not a good way to study m1.
14- The safest short term route is to spend money you don't have.
15- The safest long term route erodes wealth at about 4% per year to induce spending.
16- Don't be normative unless you are a capitalist.
17- The unorthodox economist is the least safe of any economist.
18- If Karl Marx said it, it is probably unsafe to repeat it.
19- The wedding of Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan was really not that interesting.
20- Markets are most safe with a lot of government oversight.
21- The safest way to get the economy to improve is to make everyone believe it will.

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