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Hiking Safety Slogans

1- Big sticks keep the feet on the path and the knees free.
2- If you find a mole, kill it and use it on your aching feet.
3- If the hike is long, new boots and shoes may keep you upset till dawn.
4- When you're going downhill, don't jump and slide in your shoes unless you don't mind the pain in your heels.
5- Huffing and puffing isn't just about smoking.
6- If your lower back aches, take a quick break.
7- When your mouth is dry and you just want to cry, reach for the Camelback and drink for the sky.
8- Better to drink a lot and pee a lot than to drink little and die like Tom Riddle.
9- When walking in groups, put the fast at the back and help the weak with the pack.
10- What happens naturally is great in the natural environment.
11- It's what you do that determines who you are and how you get there.
12- Slip slidin' away is a song developed for steep rocky slopes.
13- It's safer to never look down and always step up.
14- Keep the safety kit handy or you'll end up in a jammy.
15- People that hike are typically lean and rife.
16- The sun in the morning breaks on your back, it feels really good till you have a heart attack.
17- Walking barefooted is sometimes better than losing a footed.
18- Keep your skill level high as you move with your thighs and climb up a cliff until you're looking an eagle in the eye.
19- Safety slogans seem a bit rash until you fall on your ass in a crash.
20- Tell the kids to stay home while mom and dad go it alone.
21- Toilet paper brings safety to the defecatory needs of the steeds.
22- Two drinks now, is better than three drinks later.
23- If you start to overheat, things are going to be bleak.
24- Heat stroke and heat exhaustion come from not enough water and too much many solar "oceans".
25- Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school we go with hand grenades and razor blades hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!

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