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If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
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Math Teacher Safety Slogans

1- It is dangerous for two parallel lines to become perpendicular
2- Test equations on small projects first
3- Never turn your back on your students
4- It is safer to have good handwriting
5- The safest students like functions, the riskiest students hate functions
6- One of the best ways to protect children is to teach them math
7- The math brain is only dangerous when applied to social interactions
8- When nerds rule the world, why does everyone want to be popular?
9- It is generally unsafe to veer off into algebraic and geometric proofs.
10- The riskiest students divide by 0 to always get the right answer of 0.
11- If the teacher needs help, why don’t they just divide?
12- Add up the numbers before calculating safety.
13- Give me liberty or give me numbers
14- The safest way to calculate is with a calculator
15- Never consider the unsafe practice of calling your teacher f of x.
16- If the dependent variable is unsafe, throw in a dependent variable for good measure.
17- It is safer to try and act like a nerd than to try and be cool.
18- Grade safety protocol is all about skipping steps during the problem solving process.
19- If we apply the law of large numbers to life, we will mostly be safe.
20- Safety protocol for mathematics involves navigating through the properties of the number one, knowing how not to divide by 0, and applying algebraic rules in the proper order.

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