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Boating Safety Slogans

1- Drain plug in first, boat in second.
2- Lifejackets make good pillows, but don't take them off to snooze or  you will lose.
3- The second leading cause of death is drowning; not farting.
4- If the Titanic sunk, so can your used motor boat from Wally World.
5- Just because you can swim, doesn't mean you can swim and save ten other people that don't know how.
6- If the boat drags you down, you don't get a crown.
7- If you want to crash a huge cruise ship, do it close to the shoreline.
8- The best way to save a life is to yell at someone else that isn't doing their job properly.
9- Always bring your own personal life boat.
10- Sleep in the lifeboats to save your seat.
11- Don't goof off on the balconies and fall in.
12- Small ocean boats should use their giant squid finder for ultimate safety.
13- Like life, 90% of safe boating is charting a proper course and following it accurately.
14- A tiny deviation now, can be a giant deviation later.
15- Never reprimand the captain for being drunk.  Instead, compliment him incessantly on his sobriety.
16- The reason that so many cruise ships sink is that there is too much food aboard.
17- A good rule of thumb is to tell new water-skiers to never let go of the rope. 
18- Dropping anchor is better than dropping the F-bomb. 
19- Cruise ships need tight security due to them charging $9.95 for a glass of water.
20- Submarines are so much more cozier than cruise ships and yet, nobody offers a vacation on one.
21- One think I like about boating is that on arrival you hear the sound of Tattoo, "The boat! The boat!"
22- To keep your money safe, never exit the cruise ship for a one minute spending spree.
23- If two boats approach, veer right to avoid blight.
24- No one ever talks about the safety of the fish and I am sure a few fish have been run over by a boat. 
25- People spill all kinds of things that just happen to go in water.

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