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Safety Groups: Safety Slogans

1- Safety lovers of the world unite and create the ultimate safety manual covering all industries and aspects of life.
2- Better to unite in safety than go it alone.
3- It's always safer to be in a group or with a buddy than alone; unless it's a serial killer you are with.
4- Safety lovers like thick books filled with safety jargon and safety recommendations.
5- The safety union makes sure that safety is implemented across all industries.
6- OSHA should come together and write a safety manual for the home because that is where the most accidents happen.
7- Imagine all the people coming forth to write safety protocol.
8- People will die for a cause they believe in and that's what safety lovers uniting is all about.
9- The Protest on Wall Street is a byproduct of people's disappointment with the financial system not having enough safety built into it.
10- As a group, safety professionals create a lot of rules and jargon that nobody reads and that have little effect. The real key to change is implementation; not rules.
11- Power to the people comes from people feeling like they are safe to express their own views in a safe environment.
12- Bring us your worry prone, your hypochondriacs, your anxiety ridden, and we shall unite them for safety sake.
13- There are many unsafe things I will do in a group setting that I would totally avoid otherwise.
14- Changing peoples perceptions about unsafe things is done by the public relations department.
15- While groups are generally safer than individuals, they can sometimes do things that are much more horrific than any individual.
16- Get the group together first and ask questions later.
17- The dissenting question can usually be handled with a strong and swift humiliating joke.
18- Group think is often the collection of one or two minds that are powerful enough to make the group go along for the ride.
19- The safety calamity for many companies is that subordinates do not feel safe to tell their real opinions about unsavory problems and conditions.
20- Employees must feel safe or ridiculous problems will occur out of fear of doing the simple and right thing.
21- Safety degrades precipitously when the group number exceeds 150.
22- It's safer to do what you are told for the short-term, but for the long-term it's obeying your inner voice that matters.
23- When conflicts arise,wear a disguise and say what you like.
24- If your ideas are great, give them to someone good-looking to present them.
25- Any idea portrayed with love will go over a thousand times better than punishment talk.

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