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Veterinarian Safety Slogans

1- Meow, Meow, Meow
2- Woof, Woof, Woof
3- Meow, Woof, Meow, Oink, Moo, Woof
4- The scruff of the neck is like God’s way of providing a handle for Veterinarians.
5- An old dog can often perform a new trick at the Veterinarians office.
6- Tweety and Puss aren’t compatible with good safety.
7- Arms stuck in rumps can dangerously affect the Veterinarians safety.
8- It’s safer to give a cat a shot than a pill.
9- Shit in stalls, becomes slippery upon reentry.  Watch your feet.
10- The pet psychic should come and review the pet’s safety needs for the purpose of Veterinarian pet anticipation.
11- The safest pet has been reviewed by the pet psychic and the Veterinarian.
12- The safest way to avoid killing infant pets is to spade or neuter your pet.
13- The safest procedures are the most expensive and last the longest.
14- The safest way to transport a cat or dog is in a plastic pet crate.
15- Transporting a cat in the car, without a crate, is like asking God to scratch you to bits.
16- Snip, Snip, Pay, Pay. It’s the safest way.
17- Rabid pets should be kept away from people and other pets.
18- To keep from losing a pet, put a pet id tag into them
19- Testicles are a liability.
20- Veterinarian pet food is safer than grocery store pet food.

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