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Explosion and Bomb Safety Slogans

1- Little Boy was a bit safer than Fat Man.
2- The suicide bomber is the most unpredictable of any explosive type.
3- Nukes keep countries safe by being a powerful deterrent against enemies.
4- Lose it or Nuke it.
5- With nukes, it's not a matter of if, but of when.
6- Beware of luggage that people leave behind. It could be a luggage bomb.
7- If you want to use parcel bombs, don't put one under the front seat of your car.
8- You boss is basically a nuke. They are going to go off on you eventually. The way to deter that is to become a threat in your own right.
9- Dry ice bombs should not be put into the neighbor's mailbox.
10- Avoid all trucks because one of them might be a truck bomb.
11- Building implosions are exciting for people of all safety types.
12- Keep clear; an implosion is near.
13- Use it or Nuke it.
14- Many a bomb have gone astray and killed who they hit in a tearful way.
15- The plastic like nature of C-4 makes it safer to apply in targeted situations.
16- The backup nature of C-4 is that it can also be used to start and fuel a fire.
17- Many bomb explosions come and go, but few are completely forgotten.
18- If you want to die quick, find the center of the nuke and relax like Daisy Duke.
19- Pyrotechnics make some powerful firework shows that are pretty safe.
20- While bombs seem scary at first, they are actually less so once you understand that they protect your freedoms.
22- It's safer to drop a big bomb than to drop a lot of troops and fight it out.
23- Bombs are like safety slogans of the heart. You send them out and hope that nothing comes back, but good news.
24- The safest bombs are inspected by bomb making experts that stick with the industry over many years.
25- A bomb a day keeps the doctor so busy.

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