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Drinking Alcohol Safety Slogans

1- Drink and don't drive.
2- Friends don't let friends drive drunk.
3- Too many beers, and you might end up with queers.
4- What you don't remember can haunt you more than what you can.
5- Keep your drinking light and your liver will thank you.
6- Pink elephants are great for those late night parties.
7- A few hard shots is better than a few cold ones.
8- The stronger the drink, the more my breath stinks.
9- Drunk like a skunk and don't touch my junk.
10- Where love is, my beer is also.
11- Too many beers, and pink elephants appear.
12- Dark beers are safer for the waistline.
13- Beer that sounds imported, but not is pretty safe beer.
14- Girls and beer are an unsafe combination.
15- Your head feels safe after you avoid a beer race.
16- If you drink way to much, your alcohol content can shoot up.
17- The safest cars can only be started with a breathalyzer test.
18- Drunk driving laws are so strict because lots of people ignore them and killing innocent people is a real problem.
19- Drunk safety impairs the mind and bends the rules.
20- If the rules are too strict, get the safety guy some beer.
21- A long stint of beer can get your through all the safety accidents this year.
22- Accidents happen with or without beer.
23- The football game is a safe place to crack the beer and have a cheerleader drive you home.
24- Chugging the key is as safe as eating lead.
25- Bringing home the bacon is better than bringing home an unsafe drinker.

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