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Freedom Safety Slogans

1- If I am not free, I will go take a pee instead of work for thee.
2- Protecting the freedom of the weak keeps the society strong.
3- Patrick Henry said it best: Screw the safety, let's fight to the death.
4- Benjamin Franklin said, "The U. S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself".
5- George Washington said, "Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth".
6- Give me liberty or give me some teeth.
7- Safety is born out of the unsafe and noble acts of our predecessors.
8- The price of freedom is so great that the most dangerous situations imaginable will be dealt with and good people will die for the cause.
9- It's hard to write a safety manual for a war.
10- Old men try to enslave the young while sitting on their styrofoam cushions.
11- The main freedom in the United States is to say what you want and to work as much as you like.
12- Bill O Reilly stated, "I am free because I am and that was an epiphany for him".
13- Anyone that gives up freedom to avoid danger is a coward.
14- Freedom is about making everyone feel safe to express an opinion no matter how outrageous it is.
15- Productivity, good ideas, and freedom go hand in hand and make men stronger and safer.
16- Freedom keeps the country safe through the continued improvement of the military industrial complex.
17- The safety we incur from the Federal Reserve is nothing at all and the idea is in fact absurd.
18- The constitution is so important because many evil people and corporations seek to take away the freedom of the people for a little cash.
19- Cash is king, but it means nothing without freedom.
20- Freedom is like oxygen. Safety and freedom together is like oxygen in your lungs on a cool morning day.
21- Everyone is free to pay taxes, follow rules, and work for the system.
22- Safety should be important to the police and yet every encounter with them takes the safety away.
23- Being right about your freedom is as important as oxygen itself and a dangerous thing to truly understand.
24- Freedom is not about doing what is right, but about preserving the right to do something wrong.
25- A super charged committed can't possibly handle your freedom responsibility better than yourself so don't allow them to use that power over you.

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