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Credit Repair Specialist Safety Slogans

1- "Your credit is so lousy, I have to charge you an extra two hundred dollars per month. I am so sorry about this."
2- The safest way to remove bad items from a credit report is to dispute it and hope that the other company doesn't respond.
3- You can always go bankrupt and then call off the bankruptcy.  You get rid of the creditors and don't actually go bankrupt.
4- I can't tell your our proprietary methods, but I can tell you that your monthly fee will go a long ways in helping us work on your file for five minutes per week.
5- I could refer some clients we have had in the past, but that information is confidential and we don't have any satisfied customers yet.
6- For an extra $9.95 you can use our auto dialing service to harass all the creditors that are calling you.
7- You can always get a new identity through our customer credit protection relocation program.
8- It's never safe to answer the phone.
9- The least safe thing of all is to sign up with credit repair companies that resell your information and get their experts from third world countries to call and help you every day.
10- It's safest to take care of the credit problems yourself.  If you don't have time find a good friend to do it.
11- I'm not going to pass judgment, but you really screwed up big time.
12- For $29.95 per month sign this credit protection document and we'll send it to the credit bureaus for you.
13- Fair Isaacs is fair, but Credit Repair Isaacs is unfair.
14- You could always get a two hundred dollar loan at 200% interest per month to get it all paid up.
15- Cash now means shark infested waters.
16- Since learning to wait is your primary problem, you need to give us seven years to clear up your credit.
17- Just pay us $500.00 per month, for seven years, and we'll have your credit completely clean, if you don't mess up anymore.
18- The unsafe thing about America is that health care puts millions of people into bad credit and people lose everything they have.  
19- If you need some fast cash, you can always pawn what you are wearing.
20- Making deals with credit repair agencies is a pipe dream of some credit repair facilities.
21- Credit reveals your true character and we aren't sure how to hide that here.
22- For $59.99 per month, we will pray for your credit safety rating.
23- I have a dream to be safely over 720 on my credit score.
24- If your cash is low, pay a tiny sum monthly to see how it goes.
25- I never knew that creditors could get my address and phone number from the local video store. 

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