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Accounts Payable Safety Slogans

1- The safest bill is paid on time.
2- The most unsafe procedure requires only one signature.
3- Hiding from creditors is an unsafe corporate policy.
4- Big companies will pay little companies eventually.
5- Paying fake invoices is cause for safety audits.
6- The person that takes deposits to the bank better be approved by the safety guy.
7- If the money is lost in the mail, it isn't your fault – call the post office.
8- It does matter what invoices you pay and which ones you don't.
9- Why is it safer to get three signatures, everyone seems to be getting irritated with the procedure?
10- The safest invoices look like the other invoices.
11- If someone asks you for money, follow the correct procedures before promising anything.
12- If it feels unsafe, don't pay it.
13- It's a lot safer to take your time and do it right the first time.
14- The digits of fame reside within your very self.
15- It's not how much money you carry, it's how accurately you tell the money to move.
16- The velocity of money is determined by the rate of payment (money + invoices paid)/number of days = Velocity.
17- Just because there is a late fee, doesn't mean you have to pay it.
18- If late fees bother you, don't apply.
19- I would rather work with someone that underpays than someone that overpays.
20- The safest way to impress the boss is to only pay what you have to and nothing more.

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