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Urban Planner Safety Slogans

1- I think I'll stick that one over there.
2- To keep the city safe, I designed a policeman doughnut shop on every corner.
3- Doggie day cares and kitty day cares should be zoned separately.
4- The old folks homes like to be next to party central for rejuvenation therapy.
5- It doesn't matter what makes sense. Instead, it is more important to follow rules and ask for money.
6- The safe urban planner is an urban myth.
7- Beware of the Chupacabra overtaking downtown restaurants.
8- Being urban is all about finding out how to safely stack things up where they don't properly belong.
9- It makes more sense to cram it all here, than to expand the boundaries.
10- The safest urban planning doesn't plan for parking.
11- Places to park are one of the greatest urban myths out there.
12- Another urban myth is the good safety of the homeless.
13- I never understood why urban planners always promote phallic symbols.
14- The safest roads take you home.
15- To keep the city stress free, the urban planner shall design a giant sponge ball on every street corner for punching.
16- Redlining is bad for the safety of the urban planner.
17- The best city does not require an urban planner to cram it all together.
18- Setting up safety zones is discretely appealing to the needs of the masses without letting people know what masses your are catering to.
19- To keep the city safe, use zoning to disallow any type of inexpensive structure.
20- I once knew an urban planner that died of phallic overdose.

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