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Debt Collector Safety Slogans

1- The more you call me the less money I will pay.
2- Once your phone is disconnected it saves your sanity.
3- If you like to harass people, this is the perfect job for you.
4- Be careful not to put down close friends or close family as a reference.
5- I asked for a loan modification, but you decided I didn't need one and now it's too late.
6- Hire an overseas assistant for $1.00 per hour to take your calls.
7- Always give a warning to the caller before blowing a whistle into the phone (could break their eardrum; for real; so don't really do it). 
8- Program the number into your phone so that you know who is calling.
9- Ask them what kind of underwear they are wearing.  If they play along, send them in a payment.
10- Send one penny to each creditor in a good faith effort to pay your bills on time.
11- Answer in a fake voice and give the number of your x-girlfriend/boyfriend. 
12- You can always have them call your parents to ask for money.
13- The best way to reward a debt collector is to give them some time off the phone.
14- Always look for the best in people and expect the worst.
15- It's always fun when people say you can't do anything about it.  In these cases, within a few minutes we have the repo guy taking the vehicle back.
16- If your credit is already dinged,  you might as well negotiate to get balance lowered.  In fact, you can often negotiate a lower amount without it effecting your credit (be careful).
17- Skipping the country is not a fun thing you do in gymnastics class.
18- It's not my fault I have so much debt.  Companies just kept trying to give it to me and I couldn't say no. 
19- Leave a message that goes something like this, "If you are a debt collector, please hang up and call again.  Otherwise, please stay on the line and leave a detailed message."
20- Harassment with love is a fine art and harassment without love is futile.
21- Safety involves avoiding credit cards and mortgages that are too high a percentage of income.
22- You ruined my credit and now my whole purpose for paying you back is now shot.  
23- You can't take back what I no longer have.
24- I am sorry for my delinquency and will pay you back at my earliest convenience.
25- Now isn't a good time.  Give me your home telephone number and I'll call you later. 

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