Safety Guy Holding His Hand Up

If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
Gimme Some
Make More Fires
Watch For It!!

Stripper Safety Slogans

1- Ooh Baby, Ooh Baby, is not a safety slogan.
2- That fat guy in the corner has the most money for you.
3- It's safer to tease a lot and put out a little.
4- Be sure and lube up the pole before sliding down it.
5- It's safer to let people put cash wherever they want to.
6- Lap dances are safer one on one.
7- Putting on fake body parts can increase your protection.
8- Flirting with the security guards is a way to increase your safety.
9- Accept the fact that customers always want what they can't have.
10- Take it off slowly and put it back on fast.
11- Shake that booty without a tooty.
12- Put a gun in your bra or between your butt cheeks.
13- Take the class in spiked heel warfare.
14- It's safer to take money now and ask questions later.
15- Long nails and spiked heels are effective against overly aggressive patrons.
16- Be careful how you use your venomous poison nails.
17- If Tiger Woods shows up, tell him to go home to his wife and to stop driving the Suburban.
18- Use pasty bombs for emergency situations.
19- It's got to be tasty for safety.
20- For ultimate safety, invite your father and mother to all performances.

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