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Safety Slogan Choices

1- I like the mini M&Ms because I can never quite finish the regular size.
2- Tic Tacs are a good choice for those days when you want people to know you are coming.
3- I got so fat trying to figure out which of all the candy at Walmart I liked the best.
4- I like to be free to make a bad choice unless it's about safety.
5- The safest route in life takes away all the choices and leaves nothing to be desired.
6- One time I bought doughnut holes to put them in the doughnuts and it was a complete mess.  I JUST WANTED A COMPLETE DOUGHNUT FOR ONCE and the holes wouldn't fit!
7- There are so many important choices in life.  I always choose paper over plastic. 
8- I tweeted my choices without facing up to my Facebook friends.
9- Some of the best choices go away forever like penny candy and Jane Fonda.
10- Richard Simmons is a choice.
11- The reason there are so many commercials is because I can never decide.  It's nice to have someone make up my mind for me.
12- No choice is correct unless it is extreme or thought to be extreme.
13- Drug companies want us to choose the pictures we see, not the warnings we hear.
14- Nobody is average and nobody chooses regular strength pain relievers.  We all choose extra everything.
15- Would you like to Supersize that?  That was just one choice too many for so many people.
16- I love it when my in-laws suggest which choices I should make with my life.
17- So many choices are worded in dishonest ways.  Like when someone asks, "How would you like to pay for that?"  The truth is that I don't want to pay for it.  The statement should instead be, " I am going to make you pay this! What form of payment are you going to give me right now".
18- Why did I choose to come to earth and be all unsafe?
19- Most of the biggest choices in life are made by the segment of society that lacks the safety capacity to understand the consequences of the decisions being made. 
20- I could choose a different path, but then.....would it still be the one less traveled.  One day I realized why nobody took this path. 

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