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If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
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Comedian Safety Slogans

1- If you get the last laugh, you just might get hurt.
2- If somebody heckles you, heckle them back.
3- When the audience is grim, look for a shim on a whim.
4- Anybody that laughs really hard is not going to hurt you.
5- Laughter is one of the safest ways to stay healthy.
6- When someone laughs through their nose, call in a doctor.
7- Don't forget nonverbal safety language.
8- A good pair of shoes are no laughing matter.
9- Social slurs should stay a blur.
10- Don't make jokes that insult the audience.
11- If it's not funny, get off stage.
12- Don't bring your mother to hear dirty jokes.
13- Don't repeat jokes you hear from other professionals.
14- When it's fun to laugh it's best for the cash.
15- Safety is grim, when laughter only comes from kin.
16- The best time to run is when the audience throws things at you.
17- If they don't laugh, don't cry, for the safety of your eye.
18- Anything you didn't see coming is dangerous.
19- Prepare for any possible reponse.
20- If you love to laugh, and it's part of your job, do what is best and keep your job.

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