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Steel Mill Safety Slogans

1- Running from a rolling bundle of steel can be more exciting than any Indiana Jones movie.
2- Toxic chemicals and thunderous heat are the two things that make your lifeline look weak.
3- If the slag drops from above, wear a helmet and a neck glove.
4- If the flooring is slick, into the furnace we go amiss.
5- Eating the chemicals can kill a good appetite.
6- Temperature regulation is key to a safe steel mill.
7- Steel mills are not the safe, but not that many people die from it.
8- Watch for ways to be crushed and hide from them like dust.
9- Fireproof your underwear and you boots for that special hot soot.
10- Pulling out slag can be such a hot drag.
11- Never forget to use rubber or latex to avoid touching the toxic chemicals.
12- This is not a good job because it's the safest.
13- If the steel furnace flounders, your danger expoundes.
14- The steel furnace is the area of greatest danger.
15- If you like to walk on lava, you will love working in a steel mill.
16- Hot steel is not the appropriate term for you supervisor.
17- Keep the face shield on to keep your face from burning off.
18- Poking a hot slag mixture is fun and pretty safe.
19- Use the overhead camera on your hard hat to warn you of items that are falling and could crush you.
20- If the overhead saw needs changing at all, put your life in the harness and clip in to not fall.
21- Avoid breathing or touching chromium (IV) hexavalent chromium.
22- Take the safety recommendations with a grain of salt and add a bit more safety than they recommend to your daily schedule.
23- Steel is safer after it is cooled and not moving.
24- Falling in the hot vat, what you think about that.
25- Steel making can be fun. Just play it safe by avoiding the burning and not too much chemical churning.

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