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Small Claims Court Safety Slogans

1- I felt it was safer to call the money a gift instead of a loan.
2- I didn't feel the need to pay rent because the apartment was unsafe.
3- When Judge Judy yells, "You're a Liar!" Don't take it too seriously.
4- When Judge Joe Brown says, "Man Up!", your wallet is unsafe.
5- It's always a good idea to say, "But Judge, I didn't do it!"
6- When the going get's tough, start crying.
7- You may be stronger than the bailiff, but you don't want to go there.
8- I don't have a job or I am a loser are not safe defense strategies.
9- If the safety guy sues you, point out his endless repertoire of safety protocols that are impossible to measure up to.
10- Of all the courts, it's least safe to visit the court room of Judge Judy.
11- If I were you, I would rather pay the fine than get yelled at by a judge on television.
12- Safety is increased when you stay sober, keep your job, and pay your bills.
14- You case is pretty much lost after it is found out you were inebriated.
15- A safety guy makes a good witness for cases involving a secure understanding of protocols that people don't want to follow.
16- If the law was boring and seemed like overkill, it was probably drafted by the safety guys attorney.
17- I saw one case where OSHA sued the safety guy for failing to enforce timed bathroom breaks.
18- Since the case is won or lost before court begins, your safest bet is to keep your mouth shut.
19- Many an employee has been sued and denied benefits over safety protocol violation.
20- The best safety guy designs impossible rules, to allow employers, to deny benefits, to injured workers.

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