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Animator Safety Slogans

1- Keep your hand on the mouse at all times.
2- Outsource the thousands of drawings to keep carpal tunnel away.
3- Actionscript is ten times safer than Java.
4- Simple animations are safer than complex animations.
5- So many games amount to whack that or hit this because animators are afraid to do anything more difficult because their job safety will then be at risk if they run into problems.
6- Don't hire Tweakers to tweak it.
7- It is no longer safe to mix four programming languages into one.
8- The least safe animators are those that think they are awesome at both coding and graphics art.
9- Breaking the complex task down to the simple tasks is not to be done by the programmers.
10- A big idea without millions of tiny steps will make the coders heads explode.
11- A broken finger can sometimes produce unexpected designs that people love.
12- Maya is a good program that can be safely used with C programming knowledge.
13- Moving an object from A to B is always harder than it looks.
14- Physics engines abound and nobody has access to them or knows how to pay for them.
15- Safety is about programming the simple without innovation.
16- Say this to your boss, "Animate THIS!; while giving him the bird".
17- There is nothing auto about Autodesk.
18- The greatest safety innovations happen by accident.
19- Mickey Mouse built his house with animations.
20- Wacom makes the graphics spot on.
21- Animation techniques are safer than parsing techniques.
22- It you think your job is hard now, try doing it in assembly language.
23- The best animations are about non-safety techniques.
24- Left hand animations create an unsafe programming environment.
25- If you aren't animated, you won't make it in the animating safety business.

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