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Focus on your Danger!
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Car Safety Slogans

1- Bring in the dummies and let it rip.
2- You might be a crash test dummy, if you didn't buckle up.
3- Look for the cars with at least five stars.
4- Use government bailout money to purchase cars to crash.
5- A five star safety rating does not mean a Semi Truck won't kill you and your Mazda Miata.
6- I like a good airbag to hit me right in the face right before impact.
7- The safest cars hit you in the head from all angles upon impact.
8- The bigger and heavier the car the safer you are.
9- Going green means getting your guts smashed out on the road.
10- If the car seems too small to be safe, go with your gut.
11- Saving gasoline and being safe are so opposite of each other.
12- Don't let teenagers drive large heavy vehicles.
13- The safest alarm makes the burglar completely blind and deaf.
14- No matter how far away you park, someone will come and park right next to you.
15- The scratches will come, but don't be glum.
16- Don't Tweet and drive.
17- When the law said no texting, I started tweeting.
18- My teenager learned that speed and acceleration make a car safer and so he constantly asks me for a new muscle car to keep him safe.
19- Car safety is in the eye of the car's beholder.
20- Friends don't let friends drive your car.
21- If you're not insured, you're up there with the birds.

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