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Fortune Cookie Writer Safety Slogans

1- Giving out bad fortunes brings good luck.
2- The best fortunes involve a stick, a club, and a bad guy.
3- Giving out a real fortune is often unsafe.
4- You don't have to be Chinese to write a safe fortune cookie.
5- Be careful to avoid carpal tunnel, when writing on very-small tiny papers all day long.
6- The craziest fortune I ever got, told me I was going to change into a woman and marry president Clinton.
7- The vague fortunes with broad appeal are the safest of all.
8- The more specific the fortune the greater the intrigue.
9- Hiring a dwarf or elf is safer for writing on the tiny papers.
10- Keep the language safe by avoiding expletives.
11- A fortune that says you are going to die or pay taxes is pretty safe.
12- Fortune implies wealth, love, and happiness, but it should really just imply a safe life.
13- It isn't safe to read the tiny fortune more than three times.
14- The safe fortune cookies come from China (there aren't any in China).
15- Chocolate covered fortune cookies are safer for the taste buds.
16- Company safety meetings are always improved with some well thought out fortune cookies.
17- Great care and safety is involved when putting the tiny paper inside the cookie.
18- When putting the paper in the cookie, use your smallest fingers or have the elf help you.
19- The worst fortune I ever got said, "You are going to live a happy unsafe life."
20- Make sure the fortune doesn't anger the great dragon.

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