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Bartender Safety Slogans

1- Never drink and bartend.
2- Never serve the Rabbis, Priests, and Bishops.
3- Be nice to women without hitting on them.
3- Don't give out your home phone number.
4- To listen and lean, and then to clean, that is a great bartender.
5- Make the strong men strong drinks and the pretty girls even stronger drinks.
6- What happens at the bar stays at the bar.
7- The bouncer is your buddy, the girls are your friends, and the customers are your patrons.
8- Avoid talking to the wrong people at the wrong time.
9- Making drinks is pretty fun, as long as you don't do it incorrectly.
10- If you see the pope, hide the dope.
11- One two, drink in my shoe, three four, up it some more, five six, bit my lip, seven eight drinking up late, nine ten do it again.
12- The good bartender makes sure drunk drivers don't drive.
13- Taking good care of the designated driver is a safety precaution.
14- Taking home the drunk guy can save a life.
15- A DUI can cost you thousands, put you in jail, or help you to lose your job.
16- Too much drinking is like eating too many olives and then going to jail.
17- Too much strong drink is not safe for anyone.
18- The truest nature of a bartender is the wisdom of inebriation.
19- Just because it's fun and everyone is doing it doesn't make it safe.
20- Keeping the bathrooms well lighted and uncomfortable makes for safer sex.

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