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Free Safety Slogans

All of the safety slogans on this website are free for general use.  We only ask that you link to our website as a way to show appreciation.  The free slogan should only be used for your own use and not for commercial distribution.

Why Use Free Slogans

The obvious reason is that you don’t have to pay for them; right.  Not really.  The reason is that an effective safety program, at work, should involve lots of ways to make the employee remember and retain the information long term. 

It is simply impractical to pay for hundreds of high quality premium slogans.  Many of the free slogans are just catchy enough to do the job.  Just by reading our slogans it gives you an idea of what you might be able to use at your workplace.

The Safety Manager

When you develop a safety program, you may like to incorporate a slogan for each of the topics covered.  Try to pick something funny or catchy.  The point is that the information sticks with you.  Mnemonic device slogans can also be a good way to help employees remember what they should do.


Most office supply stores will print a safety sign for you at a low price.  As a safety professional you can inexpensively get many signs put up in crucial places around the plant.  Some companies make the mistake of only having a sign here or there to meet OSHA or some other safety regulatory body.  Imagine how much more fun it would be to have a lot of inexpensive signs that rotate regularly.  Why not try out some humorous slogans and keep getting the point across in a fun way.


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