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Civil Engineer Safety Slogans

1- A lovely intersection is safer than an ugly one.
2- Yay, I can count cars and draw lines for roads.
3- When there are too many cars on the road, hire a civil engineer to tell you there are too many cars on the road and, also, that maybe you should build a new one.
4- It's important to design the road in such a way that people can use it.
5- All roads lead to home.
6- It's easy to be safe sitting at home in front of my computer.
7- Realistically, I can't design a metaphorical bridge. The safest bridges are all built upon ancient technology.
8- What you are saying sir is that more people will ride the train if it is free than if they have to pay. Is that correct?
9- To truly understand engineering, watch the construction workers throw away the engineering plans.
10- I never understood how safe a house can be with lots of missing nails, missing screws, and unplanned deviations.
11- The easy part is to know what to build, the hard part is to know how to build it, the funny part is that those that never build tell how to build.
12- A civil engineer often brings safety to the project. It's the safety of knowing you can demolish someone elses property and knowing it is all backed up with a report. This leads to credibility.
13- The civil nature of engineering is taking the ordinary and turning it into complexity.
14- Civil engineers orchestrated the safety of the civil rights movement.
15- To behave with civility, is the safest course of action.
16- If it doesn't need engineered, do it anyway.
17- The safest projects are the most boring and often the prettiest.
18- The safety of my civic virtue lies in the abstract extrapolation.
19- I will only extrapolate the civility of the project with perfunctory politeness.
20- The safety of the road isn't about where it goes, but more about the people in the way of creating it.

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