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Stinky Breath Safety Slogans

1- Oooh, Aaah! The stinky breath can make you fall.
2- The reason for the stinky breath is more important than the actual stink.
3- A safe mouth is rinsed out with anti-microbial foaming mouthwash.
4- If your boss is rude, become a close talker with your stinky breath.
5- Bad breath can safely be cured with mouth watering breath crystals.
6- A whole tin of Altoids at one time can almost make you pass out.
7- I never ate a safety mint and would never want to.
8- One breath meeting that I regret, was filled with reprimands to all employees with stinky breath and the accusers were kept private.
9- Chewing gum is a way to tell others that your breath is tolerable.
10- Many sales deals go south after a stinky close talker.
11- Halitosis abounds because people haven't learned the safe art of using a tongue scraper.
12- Nobody knows why some peoples mouths smell like their butt.
13- Good breath is often a result of good looks. It doesn't make sense, but you can safely agree that beautiful people seem to have beautiful breath.
14- Some breath is so stinky it is unsafe for the person with it to smell it. This means you need to wear a safety mask.
15- A hard hat is a tool that can be used to cover the stinky breath while giving a formal presentation.
16- Stinky breath doesn't move well. It seems to stall and linger in all kinds of unsafe ways.
17- If you accidentally marry someone with stinky breath, you are in for a lot of gum chewing and flavor crystals.
18- Kissing a bad breather is like shining your shoes. You know the real problem is only hidden by a thin veil of secrecy.
19- I would think that snoring is good because it is a way for the body to clean the breath odors. What else could the sounds mean?
20- A halitosis special can be cured with a safe dose of hydrogen peroxide and a case of peppermint Altoids.
21- One employee was told to smoke a pack of Altoids and eat fifty four packs of gum to avoid being fired for halitosis.
22- Perhaps bad breath is a genetic abnormality more than it is a hygiene issue because many of the smart and bright people carry the odor continuously while other stupids rarely do.
23- The bad breath of a dog is much better than that of your coworker.
24- Some people like bad breath and these people are safe around everyone. They make good managers of halitosis groups.
25- Group therapy should always be done outside in well ventilated areas.

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