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Human Resources Safety Slogans

1- So many resumes and so little time.
2- Sexual harassment is to be investigated further before firings occur.
3- The benefits package is all about me.
4- Check fingerprints, backgrounds, and former employers.
5- The unsafe employee is one that hacks the payroll database.
6- It is unsafe to release payroll information to the wrong person.
7- If accounting said it, that means it is true.
8- The art of hiring the right person is all about finding the greatest margin of safety per employee.
9- Payroll comes after the correct use of safety procedures.
10- Even the safety guy has to come to human resources once in a while.
11- Keep all the safety videos in a secure safe.
12- Notify security before firing someone.
13- Exit interviews placate safety protocol for upper management.
14- If the interview works, go with it.
15- The way to find a safe employee is to ask a lot of safety questions in the interview.
16- The best interview question is, "At your last job, how many safety accidents did you incur."
17- If the safety protocol works for you, why wouldn't it work for everyone.
18- The safest person to hire must pass the written and oral safety test.
19- Sexual harassment is only one of the power struggles a safe company must handle.
20- The respect and safety of all is what creates an environment of trust, love, and creativity.

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