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Pharmacy Safety Slogans

1- Double check everything until you’re obsessive compulsive
2- Check reactions, check computer, and double check contents
3- Reactions are those things that can either kill you or be insignificant
4- A true pharmacist is on a level above all men.  That way it is much safer
5- The big bottle of pills fills the small bottle of pills.
6- The computer prints the labels as we double check prescriptions
7- Being accurate is more important than speed
8- Have you ever seen a pharmacist in a hurry?  Don’t be the first!!
9- There are so many kinds of pills and so little time
10-Some drugs are wanted more than others.  Keep addictive drugs locked up
11-During drug robberies hand it over quickly
12- The right pills save life.  The wrong pills kill.
13- People that pay attention to detail are safer than those who daydream
14- Drug reactions can be positive or negative
15- High grip shoes prevent pharmacy falls
16- Looking down is more ergonomic than looking up
17- Vibrating chair pads can lighten up any pharmacy office
18- Pharmacists are people.  Let’s double check them
19- Doctors are always right.  That’s why we have pharmacists to double check drug interactions
20- If the drug fits, take it.  

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