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Hunting Safety Slogans

1- Wearing orange is not just for Halloween.
2- It is unsafe to be in camouflage behind a chosen hunting target.
3- The safest time to hunt is when the other hunters stay at home.
4- The bow hunt is safer than the rifle hunt.
5- The rifle hunt is safer than the muzzle loader hunt.
6- The doe hunt is the safest hunt of all.
7- The 10 gauge shotgun is too big for almost anyone to safely shoot.
8- The most common casualty for a hunter is the ears.
9- Many animals are color blind and so it makes sense to wear bright colors for your own safety because the animals can't see it.
10- Hunting isn't safe for the animals.
11- A three point or larger deer hunt will mean that all the two pointers will be shot and left behind so the hunters don't do time.
12- A good four wheel drive can get you stuck much worse than a two wheel drive.
13- Sitting in a tree stand is a lot safer than most anything else you can do.
14- Shotgun Bbs can travel a long ways and don't hurt that much when you're too far away.
15- To keep the dogs safe, navigate the barbwire carefully and always carry wire clippers with you.
16- You never know where someone is going to put a trap so tread lightly and carefully.
17- A good set of binoculars or spotting scope can assure that you are safely targeting the right prey.
18- People from California are to be avoided at all costs.
19- Don't shoot at deer in the back of someones truck or on their hood.
20- A good scope can more safely make a long range kill than open sighted weapons.
21- Most hunters can't hit a 12 inch circle at 100 yards and yet they shoot at prey almost a thousand yards away.
22- Keep your safety on until dawn and then take it off just before you blast your weapon off.
23- Make sure the prey you are after isn't someones pet.
24- A cow is not a deer and you should understand this completely before you go hunting.
25- The finest and safest hunters shoot a lot and practice a lot before they go out.
26- A private place to hunt is a lot safer than a public place to hunt.
27- Some terrain is just too steep and treacherous to pull any animal out.

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