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Miley Cyrus Safety Slogans

1- I keep getting confused who I like more; Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana.
2- I Hope my Destiny is to one day sing with Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana.
3- It's not the name you start out with, but the one you change it to that really matters.
4- If bad luck ever happens to you, you can go and live at Dolly Parton's house.
5- Don't get on her bad side 'cause she'll sing a song about the things she hates about you.
6- To be safe, climb that mountain and fight those losing battles.
7- I sing about who owns my heart, but I really know it's my dad that owns it.   
8-  I don't need to be a fly on the wall because everything you do is already in the media.
9-  I hate twitter, but I like to use it a lot.
10- The more you grow up the more lonesome I get for the good ole days.
11- Is it true that you have a thing for the Jonas brothers?
12- If you want to live long, don't think too much about the meaning of the songs.
13- To pass your anatomy test, start doin' the bone dance.
14-  It's safe to say Hannah Montana knows what it means to be a true friend.
15- You can change your hair and clothes, but how does that get you safely home. 
16- It's a million to one you would be this popular without your dad.
17- You should really tame down your new stuff because it's unsafe for my kids.
18- Did you hear about the fly party hoedown at Selena Gomez's house? 
19- If you ask me, I'll stay and keep you all safe because I miss you.
20- Miley and Poison singing Every Rose Has It's Thorn is pretty cool.
21- If you do the safety correctly, you don't have to start all over.
22- I sing about ordinary girls, but put extraordinary girls in my videos.
23- Justin Bieber called, " He wants his girlfriend back."
24- It's safer to let me sing out loud than to try and keep me quiet.
25- We love you Miley. 

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True Friend


Bone Dance


Every Rose Has It's Thorn


Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Real One by Poison


See You Again

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