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Attorney Safety Slogans

1- It is safer to assume your client is innocent. 
2- If you don’t want to lie.  You will certainly die.
3- It is safer to examine someone in the presence of others.
4- Cross examinations are a way of making a fool of someone’s testimony.  Tread lightly and quickly.
5- Don’t represent any bad people. (hopefully you can still make a living).
6- Don’t put any bad people in jail. (you are in a real hard spot now)
7- The safest attorney knows when to tell the truth and when to shut up and when to lie.
8- The saddest day in America is when attorneys are safe.
9- Bring your shower to work so that you don’t drive home tired and unsafe.
10- Bring an air mattress to work for those late nights.
11- The safest way to get fired is to insist on the billable hours being correct.
12- The way to make the world safer is to have more litigation.
13- The safest world is a litigious one. 
14- Sue first, ask questions later.
15- It is unsafe to use a public defender.
16- The safest attorneys charge the most money.
17- Money buys safety from good attorneys.
18- Knowing the law and understanding it are two different things.
19- If you go to jail, you didn’t hire the right attorney.

20- If you can’t afford the good attorney, go straight to jail; at least that way, when you get out of jail, you might not be broke.           

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